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BJP invited Yeddyurappa back, date undecided

B s yeddyurappaB S Yeddyurappa has pending corruption cases against him but it seems the BJP are not bothered about it. Karnataka is the only state in the southern region where BJP seeks to win sizeable number of seats. The Bharatiya Janata Party are ready to accept the criticism  that it has not learnt its lesson despiste the victory of AAP in Delhi.

L K Advani and Sushma Swaraj have raised their concerns but the party now seems to induct the leader. B S Yeddyurappa has said that on Thursday he would merge his Karnataka Janata Party woth BJP. “While January 5 or 6 was fixed for his return, the KJP leader wants to make it after January 15. We have left the dates to him,” a senior leader said.


SRK took inspiration from Ajay Devgan film for his “Happy New Year” poster

Screenshot_3The cold war between Ajay Devgan and SRK is known to all but when it comes to making of the first poster of Shah Rukh’s film “Happy New Year” directed by Farah Khan, the makers got inspired from Ajay Devgan’s “Cash”.

Happy New Year is Shahrukh’s upcoming film in 2014. One striking similarity between the two films is that the poster was first sent to all the fans and fan clubs on the social media sites as a gratification for their support.

Kunal gets jealous watching Soha romance other actor

kunal & sohaActor Kunal Khemu and Actress Soha Ali Khan get jealous when they see each other romancing with other actor or actress on screen.

“Watching someone you like romancing (with) another person on screen is never fun. I do get jealous but I don’t show it and even Kunal gets jealous when I romance
another actor,” Soha said during an interview.

Kangana is in no hurry to get married

KanganaActress Kangana Ranaut, who is appearing in her next movie “Queen”, said that she has no plans for marriage as because she is busy with other priorities in life.

“I have no plans for marriage and I like to be alone. There are other things in my life which are my priorities. Marriage is about companionship and commitment but I
have no plans,” Kangana told reporters in a group interview.

Tarun Gogoi want separate time zone for Assam

Assam Chief Minister Gogoi has asked for separate time zone for his state to make optimum use of the early daybreak, save energy and improve productivity.

“I am in favour of a local time for Assam, which will be atleast an hour ahead of the IST (Indian Standard Time). We need to explore this idea. If it happens, we will be able to save a lot of energy and improve productivity. Advancing the  work time by an hour will make a lot of difference to the energy saved,” said the Chief Minister.

FIRs against N Siddiqui and B S Kushwaha

Screenshot_1On Wednesday FIRs were lodged against Mayawati’s ministers Naseemuddin Siddiqui, Babu Singh Kushwaha and seventeen others for their alleged involvement in the Rs.1,410.50 Crore memorial scam in Uttar Pradesh.

Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav after taking charge in 2012, he had ordered a Lok Ayukta probe immediately and also in December 2013 he ordered for legal proceeding in the large scale irregularities in construction of memorials and parks when Mayawati was chief minister.

During an initial probe, a total of 199 persons were indicted by Lokayukta Justice (Now Retd) N K Mehrotra for fund irregularities in the construction of 14 memorials and parks in Lucknow and Noida.  The Lok Ayukta had also recommended all their properties be probed for assets disproportionate to their known sources of income.

This is the first time since Akhilesh instituted a commission of inquiry to investigate the alleged scams of Rs.40,000 crore by the BSP government, that FIRs have been lodged against prominent ministers in the Mayawati government.

Pranab Mukherjee gives assent to Jan Lokpal Bill

PresidentThe setting up of Lokpal Bill to check corruption in high places was given Presidential assent on Wednesday. On December 18, the Parliament passed the bill in the legislation with quite disruptions.

The assent to the Lokpal Bill is President’s first action in the new year. Their will be forming of multi-member anti-corruption ombudsman with the power to supervise CBI investigations into specific cases. The bill will look into the specific complaints and its ambit covers Prime Minister, Ministers and Senior Public Servants.