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Pawar may opt for Rajya Sabha route, won’t contest 2014 polls

Screenshot_2Sharad Pawar Chief of NCP, has ruled out the possibility of contesting the Lok Sabha elections and is all set to take the Rajya Sabha route.

“I have decided to stop. This will enable me to devote maximum time to party work. I am not averse to being in the Rajya Sabha. Biennial elections to the Upper House of Parliament will be held in March,” the 73 year old Union Agriculture minister told the NCP workers.

“I have been contesting and winning elections for 47 years. But now people want new faces and NCP will promote youth and women,” Pawar said while addressing to the reporters.


Modi gets beaten by Kejri on social Media

Screenshot_3On December 8, TV channels and social media had no time for anyone but Gujrat CM Narendra Modi, pitched as BJP’s PM pick.

But the reality is rather different today. AAP’s Arvind Kejriwal has emerged as the centre point for the social medias. He is urban hero occupying public mind-space and literally eating into Modi’s turf. In a twitter poll on Thursday evening, 4,693 were talking about BJP, with 30% positive about Modi. Kejriwal had 3,418 people talking about him, with 36% talking positively.

On the other hand BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar denied Modi was losing out.

Diggy tweets, NaMo should learn humility from Arvind

Digvijay “Modi should learn austerity and humility from Arvind Kejriwal and Mamta who use Wagon R and Maruti Alto. Shoudn’t NAMO be using NANO?” Digvijay tweeted.

Digvijay had attacked Kejriwal and his team at the time of Anna Hazare’s anti-graft agitation and now he has been praising ever since the AAP scored an impressive win in the Delhi polls.

About Aam Aadmi Party


Aam Aadmi Part also known as AAP is an Indian Political Party. It was launched on 26th November 2012. Arvind Kejriwal brought this party into existence to put political demands on the Jan Lokpal Bill. The AAP campaigned for the price rise of electricity and water in Delhi. Their hardwork were appreciated by many the citizens of Delhi and AAP became the second-largest party in the 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly Election, winning 28 of the 70 seats. The meaning of the phrase Aam Aadmi is “common man”. The AAP has taken the way of Gandhian concept of swaraj to reverse the way the of accountability and operation of the government. The party believes that they will be only accountable to the people through swaraj. Anand Kejriwal says “We are aam aadmis. If we find our solution in the left we are happy to borrow it from there. If we find our solution in the right, we are happy to borrow it from there.”


AAP contested its first election in the 2013 Delhi state assembly election. It emerged as the second-largest party in Delhi winning 28  of the 70 Assembly seats. The BJP(Bhartiya Janata Party) won 31, Indian National Congress won 8 and three were won by others. On 28 December 2013, the AAP formed a minority government in the Assembly, with what Sheila Dikshit describes as “Not unconditional” support from Indian National Congress. Arvind Kejriwal became the second-youngest Chief Minister of Delhi.