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Kangana is in no hurry to get married

KanganaActress Kangana Ranaut, who is appearing in her next movie “Queen”, said that she has no plans for marriage as because she is busy with other priorities in life.

“I have no plans for marriage and I like to be alone. There are other things in my life which are my priorities. Marriage is about companionship and commitment but I
have no plans,” Kangana told reporters in a group interview.


Tarun Gogoi want separate time zone for Assam

Assam Chief Minister Gogoi has asked for separate time zone for his state to make optimum use of the early daybreak, save energy and improve productivity.

“I am in favour of a local time for Assam, which will be atleast an hour ahead of the IST (Indian Standard Time). We need to explore this idea. If it happens, we will be able to save a lot of energy and improve productivity. Advancing the ¬†work time by an hour will make a lot of difference to the energy saved,” said the Chief Minister.

420 UP riot victims have been shifted to buildings from Muzaffarnagar relief camps

UP RIOT CAMPThe reports of children dying at relief camps, the Uttar Pradesh government shifted 420 riot victims from Loee Camp to vacant buildings to protect them from severe cold waves sweeping the states. More 63 riot victims are going to be shifted to vacant buildings soon.

The principal secretary of Uttar Pradesh Health Department, Praveen Kumar on Tuesday visited the Loee Camp in Muzaffarnagar and four camps in Shamli to check the arrangement of medical facilities in the camp.

According to the report, at least 34 children below the age of 12 years have died in the relief camps in the Muzaffarnagar and Shamli districts.

The Union Home Ministry has asked the state government about the number of children who have died so far at the relief camps in the western UP, the reason for their deaths and the steps taken to prevent further casualties.